Meru women vow to deny men intimacy if Kawira is impeached

"Now that's why I'm standing here and saying that we as the mothers of Meru have refused to handle them at night" they said.

Kawira Mwangaza
Image: The-Star

Women in Meru County have come forward to show their dissatisfaction with the action of the MCAs of the county to pass a motion to remove Governor Kawira Mwangaza for the second time in one year.

The women who spoke to the media during their Peace protest claimed that the female gender in the county has been oppressed by the male gender.

They claimed that for a long time, a woman has been seen as a maid in the boma whose job is to cook and make the marriage successful but when it comes to leadership they are pushed back.

They vowed that this time if the senate maintains the motion to remove Kawira Mwangaza as governor, then they will also strike in cooking for their men or also washing their clothes.

"The woman who has been elected as an MCA is only one. Yes, you should know here in Meru women we have been harassed and abused completely.

Men just want us to do their laundry, cook for them, and give them intimacy at night. But they don't want us during leadership or when they eat," said one.

"Now that's why I'm standing here and saying that we, as the mothers of Meru, have refused to take care of them at night and cook for them and wash their clothes if they don't want us to eat, we have refused that.

They will accept us even during the leadership, we will take care of them and cook for them, it is better if they accept us," she added while her colleagues passed the message with one voice.

The women asked President Ruto and leaders in the senate to drop the motion to remove Kawira Mwangaza, saying that it was pushed by male leaders who do not want a woman to lead their county.

"We ask the president and senators, when our mother [Mwangaza] arrives there, please consider her by understanding that Meru is united that they don't want a woman leader, they only want her to lead in the kitchen, in the bed and in washing clothes, they don't want to see us get up and we have studied," she finished.