Akothee: My school will be my hubby, love I have left for my daughters

The singer has recently been in the news over speculation that she and her hubby Omosh had split up

Image: Instagram

Despite initially revealing that she is still in the market to find love, artist Akothe ​​seems to have taken a different line of thought and thought, saying that she has left love for her daughters.

The entrepreneur, who recently enjoyed the registration of her school, Akothee Foundation Academy, said that what makes her stop worrying about love is that she wants to invest all her energy in the success of the school.

She said that she would devote herself to the success of the school to the extent that it will become her husband.

"I'm having a hard time and I don't know what I'm going to say, that thing doesn't fit the way I want, I'm not lying. I think I'm too caught up in my thoughts. I don't understand myself. This school will be my husband to be honest, I will give my all to make sure that I give the children what they need to succeed academically. I have left love to my children," Akothee said.

However, she said that people should remember that she might change her mind as she's still human

"But remember I'm not a stone, I have hormones and blood moving in this body. I can't leave a relationship with someone, why should I leave a relationship with someone," Akothee said.

We previously reported that Akothee made clear her plan not to give up on love despite being over 40 years old.

"If it doesn't go the way I expected, we will come back, as I told you, I am not leaving the market, I am the market itself. Why should I leave my market, we are just trampling there," Akothee added.

"And I'm back as you can see I'm still hot. I can't leave the market, I just moved to the side a little bit," she emphasized.