Rich woman from London proposes marriage to Harmonize

The woman said that she was in awe of his musical skills

The older woman who wants to date Harmonize
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A Tanzanian woman based in London, England, has come forward to announce how interested in musician Harmonize she is, and even made it clear that it would be a great thing for her to be accepted by the artist romantically.

In an interview that was uploaded by content developer Carry Mastory on her Instagram account, the woman who appeared to be very rich, said that Harmonize is the man of her dreams since she started seeing him a few years ago.

"That kid knows how to sing, man, especially when he released his song Single Again. Although I have never met him in person, the kid has a very good voice.

If he was in London, I would date him, we London women date, we are the ones who do the dating," the woman said.

"Because he is single, I can marry him and go to live in London, make his music in London. How about that Harmonize?

You hear, I want to take him to London. I want him to transfer his music to London, he knows how to compose very well," she added.

In May this year, several months after dating actress Fridah Kajala, Harmonize hinted that he is in a new relationship with a curvy woman from Rwanda known as Phiona aka Yolo Queen.

He expressed his love for the model, saying that they had known each other for four years. Harmonize even vowed to get a tattoo of her on his face.

"When you got money and fame the world is so hard. It's so hard to know who's real for you. I've been talking to Phiona for over 4 years. I've been close, she's been close. We always start the conversation again.

I feel like it's time to show you what a real man I am . I love you deeply. You above every girl I met in my life," he said on his Insta stories.

However since then she has never shared an update about their relationship.