Photo of Vera's new mystery bae unleashed

Meanwhile, Brown Mauzo and Amber will also host a club event together next weekend.

Vera Sidika
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika has given internet users a clearer look at the man she introduced to them on Thursday, September 7.

The two were in New York, exploring the magnificent city that so many people long to see. She even wrote a letter on her Instagram stories outlining her new attitude on life.

"Life is too short to care what the society thinks! 

go be happy! go fall in love!

go live and enjoy life!   

life is not a rehearsal!"

See the light skin man below;

Vera Sidika's new man
Image: Instagram

Vera will accompany vocalist Arrow Bwoy in Seattle on Saturday, September 9. The club, which is known for hosting foreign performers, said that he would play and that she would join him on stage.

Since the beginning of August, Arrow Bwoy has been touring the US. On August 12, he first enthralled Kenyans in Dallas. He made his tour announcement six weeks ago.

On September 17, his baby mother Nadia Mukami will perform at Afrimma 2023 in the United States and will travel there with him.

Then, on September 23, she will appear in a club show. Next weekend, Vera's rival Amber Ray will perform at a club alongside Vera's ex-husband Brown Mauzo.

The three are the subject of online debate because of their rivalry.