Karen Nyamu unashamedly agrees with diss Edday Nderitu made at her

The senator is always facing persistent questions about 'taking' another woman's husband

Samidoh with Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated senator Karen Nyamu gave a cheeky response after being accused of being in a relationship with someone else's bae.

On her Facebook page, the mother of three had put up a post advising people on what to do when they find their lovers.

“Ukimiss mpermanent wako shikilia pillow. Sitawafunza kila kitu pia nyinyi,”  Karen Nyamu said on Facebook on Wednesday morning.

Nyamu attached her caption with an image of herself on the plane holding a pillow in her hands.

In the comments section, as expected, netizens had mixed opinions to offer. One Facebook user attacked the senator claiming that the man she is with is not hers but someone else's. "Wako ni M-kopa wa wenyewe," they said.

In her answer, the politician surrounded by many controversies made it clear that she needed her lover more and that life was just. "I needed him more and life is fair," Karen unrepentantly replied.

Karen Nyamu's post
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This seemed to confirm the statement Samidoh's first wife, Edday Nderitu made earlier this year when she left the singer.

In July, Ms. Nderitu made it clear that she left her husband to be with a woman who seemed to want him more.

"Let me clarify a few things that were shared online and are not correct. I am not in a polygamous marriage as stated, I left my husband for whoever needed him the most," Edday said via Facebook.

She added, "I made the decision to remove myself and my children from that toxic environment, especially my teenage daughter who is unfortunately on the receiving end of the unbelievable behavior displayed."

Edday said this after Senator Nyamu claimed that Samidoh and Edday Nderitu are still in a good relationship and are always talking.

Nyamu pointed out that Samidoh and his first wife had taken a break but they were still in a good relationship.

"I often hear them talking, they are right, not what you think. Even children talk to him through his phone. The ground will never be damaged," she said.

The senator emphasized that she doesn't spoil things and pointed out that were big things that would be revealed in the future.