Frankie's cosy post featuring Mammito causes Maureen Waititu response

Maureen and her man had not been on good terms for a long time.

Frankie JustGymIt and Mammito
Image: Instagram

Yesterday, Frankie Kiarie published a photo to his Instagram account that even his baby mama Maureen Waititu had to react to.

The photographs that he posted were that of the comedian Mammito posing cosily with the father of four at what appeared to be a club.

Mammito sported a red miniskirt, and Frankie wore black leather trousers and an open flowery shirt. 

The two seemed to be very comfortable in each other presence as could be seen from the wide smiles on their faces.

The comments section were a blast with even his formerly estranged baby mama reacting with ecstasy, "Weuh!๐Ÿคฃ" the mom of two wrote.

(Let us not forget that the former couple had one of the worst splits in Kenyan celebrity history. So to see Maureen commenting in public and without any bile, shows that the two might in a much better place than they were a few years back)

Going back to the photo, others warned Mammito of the dangerous potential for her to become baby mama number 3.

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Eunice usiekwe mimba pia tafthali, atatoroka tu๐Ÿ˜‚