Jimal Rohosafi in trouble with many Kenyans over post praising baby mama

The businessman and Wangari have a beautiful baby girl together.

Jimal Rohosafi with Wangari Thiongo
Image: Instagram

A recent post that prominent businessman Jimal Rohosafi published on his well-followed Instagram page has gotten him some serious backlash.

The father of three had posted a "behind the scenes" photo of Wangari Thiongo, the mother of his last-born as she chilled by the pool. His amusing caption for the picture read,

"Why ask for a room with a better view when you have such a gem 💎 #halwaWewe view yako ni gani 😂😂 ?"

The businessman may not have foreseen any problems with his post (as shown by the laughing emojis), but many Kenyans in the comment area were not amused and said as much.

The majority of them questioned his sincerity in posting such a 'personal' picture of Wangari.

Others even went so far as to doubt his commitment to Islam, yet a brave handful applauded him for posting the woman he loved in public.

Check out some of the comments below;

liz_kisyanga I don't think @jimal_rohosafi loves that lady genuinely. Men always protect the women they love with all their hearts and soul.. I see such exposure as more of superficial rather than real.

sabinah_weru If a man exposes me like this on social media it would only show how much he disrespects me and he is only with me for a short time

_iammidecha A man that posts a woman in this manner is disrespectful. One thing I know about men: THEY HIDE WHAT THEY TREASURE!!

missdikangmori I don’t think he loves her or values her. He is just with her to show her off and make someone he still loves jealous. 

this.is.j Muslims hii sio haram?

aggie_alvin Unaproof a point to the wrong audiences 😂😂😂the women you’re trying to get attention for they already moved on! It’s time you protect the nyash of this naive girl! We don’t care about it! The fact is you can do better!

254queenteddy Okuyu ni pesa anafwata na kukubali kuanikwa hivyo let the man exposes Muslims girl kidogo kidogo atapatikana kamiti

rytambeke I love men who post their better half ..it means he treasures her ,he is proud of and he wants other men to know she's out of market..

nellynjeri52 No one can expose his life partner like this unless you are being used to feelisha the x...mambo ni 3 kutumia,kutumiwa na kutumiwa vibaya.

beth_mutua Yaani bibi yako unamuweka hivi hadharani?tena kwa social media.

mohammedam in_noor Subxa’AllahPOV! Islam doesn’t teaches this.The intimate parts (Arabic: عورة 'awrah, Arabic: ستر, satr) of the human body must, according to Islam, be covered by clothing. Exposing the intimate parts of the body is unlawful in Islam as the Quran instructs the covering of male and female genitals, and for adult females the breasts.

nyambu.gitau No man who respects his woman would post this

vancekims You're so respected. You need to grow up and stop exposing your woman is such a manner. Who does this unless she's someone you don't value? This is supposed to be for your bedroom and your eyes only. Think before you post anything considering you're someone people look up to in the society. MATURITY SHOULD BE PART OF YOU.

mwendesworld Eeeh Wangari,yaaani umekubali kuanikwa on social media like a piece of meat in a butchery by this one?