'Mom!' Akothee pens the most heartfelt birthday message to Ida Odinga

The political women around you don't understand our relationship

Akothee with Ida Odinga
Image: Twitter

Raila Odinga's wife, Ida Odinga is celebrating her birthday today and many Kenyans have come out to celebrate her on her special day.

Among those who have taken time to celebrate Ida is the musician Esther Akoth aka Akothee who has expressed sincere thanks to her for her great contribution in her life.

In her beautiful message to Raila's wife, Akothee referred to her as a mentor and mother to her and talked about the important life lessons she has learned from her.

"In this life, God has a plan for each of us. Just sit back and keep your head above all the turmoil.

I want to recognize you mother on this great day that God thought it wise to allow you to be in His World, personally I have learned a lot from you as a mother and a great mentor.

Several times you have lifted my spirits when the walls of Jericho are about to break down.

Thank you for taking me as one of your children and always showing me how to carry myself in difficult situations,” Akothee wrote on Instagram.

The mother of five indicated that the love she has for Ida is immeasurable and revealed that she has made her a better person.

She also made it clear that the relationship between her and Ida is not political but rather friendly.

"The political women around you don't understand our relationship. I wish they understood that I have absolutely no interest in politics and that you and I have never discussed anything related to politics.

I wish they knew that you are my mother, my friend and the only vision we share is to EMPOWER THE GIRL AND WOMEN IN SOCIETY," she said.

The musician also thanked Ida for being present at many of her events and congratulated her for living her own life.