Betty Kyallo's worst heartbreak was by a Luo man

The journalist is dating once again and has been keeping the new man away from the public spotlight

Betty Kyallo
Image: Instagram

Journalist Betty Kyallo has opened up about how she was heartbroken by a Luo man she once dated.

Betty opened up about the incident while answering questions from her fans through her YouTube channel.

A fan asked her how one deals with pain after a relationship ends. "One of the funniest questions I get is how to recover from a breakup, especially after being brokenhearted by an abusive man," Betty Kyallo said.

The former television news anchor continued to explain that it was not easy to move on after breaking up with a lover from the Luo community.

Meanwhile, she opened up about how she was left heartbroken after her relationship with a man from the 'lakeside' came to an end.

"Let me tell you guys, you are not healthy! Those people are built for you so that you don't recover. I have dated a Luo. To the best of my knowledge, I only dated one Luo man. Wueh, heartbreak on steroids. The heart is taken, crushed, trampled. That Heartbreak Awards," said Betty.

She noted that she has been brokenhearted many times in her life where she is often the one who leaves her lover but she admitted that sometimes she is also left.

In her advice to broken-hearted people, she said that people should be prepared to go through the post-breakup process in order to heal.

"All those things, you have to go through, but you can't say I'm a winner, I'm different, no. I feel there are things you have to go through, feel bad, ask yourself why he did that to you after all the things you did to him.

Those things, it's okay to talk about them. It's okay to share. It's okay to cry, it's okay to feel bad about it, it's okay to mourn, it's okay," she said.

The mother of one daughter, however, advised people not to pay too much attention to the crying period after a broken heart, but to try other relationships.

"Give yourself time. If you are a person like me who moves on chap chap, you know you are going chap chap if you have forgotten.

But if you are someone who takes time to heal, take your time and do what works for you. Don't run away from the pain, let it end. The more you ignore it, the worse you will continue to feel," she said.