Juma Jux's rumoured gf makes major statement in Instagram update

The singer and Karen went viral in 2022 when he soft-launched her as his Valentine's date, which later on turned out to be for a song.

Juma Jux with Karen Bujulu
Image: Instagram

Gorgeous Karen Bujulu, who is said to be dating Tanzanian musician Juma Jux, has changed her Instagram profile bio to read, 'Mrs. Juma Jux'.

.The travel and lifestyle blogger is the singer's biggest admirer and spends a lot of time with him promoting his songs, which has caught the internet's attention.

Netizens are ecstatic with how she seems to have revealed a positive side to Juma Jux.

They have seen that he is more content and at ease when he is with her. She posted photos of their sex on social media a week ago with the message "Life with you."

He was grateful for her message's "My baby" answer. Her social media handles in the bio section have recently seen a significant modification.

The update explains that she is Juma Jux's wife to anyone who views her stuff. Check out the image below.

Karen Bujulu's status
Image: Courtesy

Discussions regarding the state of their relationship have been sparked by this.

When they travelled to Paris together in January of this year, they decided to go public. Jux acknowledged that they were dating after hearing constant talk about them.

In 2022, Juma and Karen became famous as he soft-launched Karen as his Valentine's date in what ended up being a song.

They travelled together as well. She is a Rwandese woman from Tanzania who enjoys travelling and creating fitness material.