Mercy Kyallo opens up about 'amazing' French bae (video)

The Yallo leather CEO disclosed that she has an amazing man in her life whom she met during one of her travels in Europe

Mercy Kyallo
Mercy Kyallo

In an exclusive interview with Kalondu Musyimi during the launch of her sister's salon business on Wednesday, Mercy Kyallo opened up about her new boyfriend and just talked about her current love life.

The Yallo leather CEO disclosed that she has an amazing man in her life whom she met during one of her travels  in Europe saying,

"I met such a special person during my travels and he is an amazing guy, I'm not promising anything but he is so important and special to me."

On Valentine's day, Mercy posted a video kissing an anonymous man and everyone assumed that it was her bae and got so much attention.

The business lady said that  posting the video was a cute way of celebrating love adding  " I feel like love should be celebrated regardless of distance and I think that sharing the cute video was a cute way of celebrating love."

She went ahead and revealed that  her boyfriend is from Europe adding that the relationship is long distance and they just manage to make it work since they are so connected saying,

 "We are trying, I've never been a believer of long distance but It was nice meeting someone I connected with and shared many memories together"

Adding that they are still sharing beautiful memories "Whether we are together or not together you will never forget the feeling."

She also revealed that her man doesn't understand English, Swahili, or Kamba but she was so amazed by meeting someone from the edge of the world who knew nothing about Mercy Kyallo and just connected with her adding that the experience was amazing.

She continued by saying that they exclusively used french to communicate though her French was not that good, her bae helped her.

"He doesn't speak English, I was also speaking French which I was trying but he helped me that's why I think that he is special." She said

Speaking of public display of affection,( PDA), She said that she loves PDA and would never mind kissing, holding hands, and hugging in public adding that love is traumatized in Kenya since it's supposed to be touchy and feely.

The entrepreneur explained how love was real in Europe and how people are so in love and how they are not afraid to show affection for their loved ones.

 "Europe love ni ukweli, people are genuine, people touch, kiss, hug in the streets, they are caring and gentle with one another."

Watch the interview below;