MCA Trick will still keep things hidden even after he gets married

He will make it official by the end of 2023

MCA Tricky.
Image: Instagram/MCA Tricky.

Comic and content creator MCA Tricky is under pressure to get married from his family.

In an interview with, the comedian said his mum does not want to hear anything else in 2023.

He said he is dating but has not yet introduced her to his mum.

"I have to be sure before I introduce her to my mum. My mother is mad at me coz she thinks I should be having like three children," he said adding that he is planning to settle down this year after he turned 30 years.

"I will not reveal so much to my fans even after I have made things official," he said.

Asked why he will not post his relationship online, MCA Tricky said his brand is not about his social life.

"I have not been trolled about relationships but I do not want to give people unnecessary talking points," he said.

He added that he would also not want to subject his woman to trolls.

"There are those who will definitely say the lady is dating me because I have money but that cannot hurt me," he said.

On his views about content creators, Tricky said most celebrities have become socialites. "You have to maintain your brand. That is not content creation. A socialite is someone who shows us everything about their lives," he said.

"Being a socialite is not my thing. I want to be known as a content creator."

He also advised the youths to take every step in life slowly and avoid pressure.

"We are fully responsible for our future. We should have moderation."

MCA Tricky is promoting his upcoming show 'A Tricky Comedy Circuit' that will be at Nairobi Cinema on the 31st of this month.