Zari raises eyebrows about her relationship with worrying message

The Ugandan shared a quote by Horacio Jones, describing how she felt sick to the stomach for trusting a lying lover

Zari Hassan with her boyfriend.
Image: Instagram

Mom of 5 Zari Hassan has left fans speculating that there might be trouble in paradise over her relationship with her Ugandan bae Shakim Cham.

Taking to Snapchat, Zari shared a quote by Horacio Jones, describing how she felt sick to the stomach for trusting a lying lover.

"Some people do not understand how poisonous lies are. Lies infect and curse happy relationships to the point where you actually feel sick to your stomach for trusting them again."


"No matter how much you love a person, sometimes you can't help but feel like they stole your Comfort. You're no longer comfortable because you second guess everything. Now, trusting them isn't effortless. It now requires a conscious effort and sometimes that's exhausting."

Zari is dating Ugandan businessman Cham and have been travelling to see each other. Currently Zari is in South Africa as Cham is going baout his business in Uganda.

Zari's screenshot.
Image: Instagram

This wouldn't be the first relationship that Zari has had doubts and trust issues with. Her relationship with Diamond ended in 2018 over claims that he had cheated numerously on her.

In March last year, she said that he had tried everything she could to keep her marriage together before finally giving up.

Zari admitted that she knew Diamond had been unfaithful during the second episode of the new 'Young, Famous, and African' show, which premiered on March 18, 2022, but she decided to let things go for the "sake of peace."

“Even the times when I knew you messed up, I would just keep silent for the sake of peace, for us to be happy, let it go, let it slide, move on, keep going, keep your family...” said Zari.

Even after learning the truth, the reality star, who now lives in South Africa, said she would always defend Diamond's bad deeds, but Diamond did not do the same for her.

The socialite went on to say that their two kids were also dragged online as the musician's wandering crotch became the talk of town.

“You gave me away…Baba T you know I was here for you, like I would deny for you, I would take a bullet for you, but every time I did that for you, you did the opposite, me and your kids were being attacked, I had nowhere to hide,” she said.

She added that she would finally let go of the four-year marriage after she received proof of the singer's infidelity.