Sidechick goes to court asking to compel sugar daddy to fulfill his promises

The young lady wanted the old man to buy her a car, rent her a nice house, give her business capital and pay her a monthly allowance.

Deborah Seyram Adablah.
Image: Instagram

A Ghanaian woman, Deborah Seyram Adablah, has made headlines after taking a case to court accusing her ex-boyfriend of not fulfilling all the needs that he promised her during their relationship.

According to the Ghana Celebrities blog, Adablah wanted the court to compel her former 'boyfriend' who is an old sugar daddy to fulfill all the promises he made to her during the time he seduced her.

The young woman said that the old man ran away from her after taking advantage of her for a long time without fulfilling all the promises she gave him.

In the document she submitted to the court, the young woman wanted the old man to fulfill his promises to her; buying her a car, renting her a house in a prestigious area, paying her a monthly allowance, and providing her with capital for his business.

The case was filed at the High Court in Accra. It was reported that Adablah started a relationship with a sugar daddy while in national service in NYS.

He rented her a house, gave her a car, and was paying her a monthly allowance of Ghc 3,000, equivalent to 30 thousand Kenyan shillings.

"He said he persuaded him not to take the opportunity of employment after his national service ended with the promise of getting capital to start a business. He also promised her a 'ring' once he divorced his wife," the blog reported.

However, their relationship deteriorated and he took back the car, stopped paying her rent and allowance.

The man also refused the promise to provide capital for her business.