Karen Nyamu roasts Samidoh's wife in new rant

The nominated senator dumped the musician in December 2022

Karen Nyamu.
Image: Instagram

Politician Karen Nyamu has revealed that a certain person made her stop wearing artificial hair.

In a video she shared on her Instagram, the mother of two said that she threw the hair away after that person shared their preferences with her.

Without mentioning who that was, Karen said;

"This is a few years back at a political rally in mombasa. Kabla nikutane na ka mtu kakaniambia vile kanachukia wigs nikazitupa mbali hahaha wacha tu nicheke sababu siwezi lia."

(Before I met someone who told me they did not love wigs. I threw them away. Let me just laugh since I can't cry.)

In yet another post, a fan identified as Purity Pul Favour said the person (Samidoh most likely) lied to her alleging that he was the one buying his wife Edday, wigs.

"Arikundanya haki he is the one buying for mamayao those wigs," the fan called Purity said.

Samidoh with Edday Nderitu.
Image: Instagram

Responding to the fan, Karen said the first wife enjoys all the priorities and even alleged that she was paid for the gym.

"Purity, 1st wife hata anone vibaya haambiwangi lakini wewe unalipiwa gym very fast. This life hao wife wana enjoy sana."

Another fan told her to move on to which she said that she was talking about her life experiences.

"In fact, I plan to write a book one day," she said.

Many fans are speculating that she was talking about the father of her two babies Samidoh. Here is what her fans said;

carol_ndir: Wewe usivae lakini bibi yake ako nazo ???πŸ˜‚, Weuh earth is hard, Unakaa vizuri nazo.

irenetrizah7: πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ka kamtu kake sahi kanavaa hizo wigs heri kutowaskiza tena do you.

Fred Orupto: Forget all and continue with the work as leader we love you as youths leader.