Michelle Ntalami: I told Chiloba about my issues with Jackton

Chiloba was found dumped inside a metal box at Kipkenyo- Kaptinga Road, a few kilometers from Eldoret town

Mitchell Ntalami and Edwin Chiloba
Mitchell Ntalami and Edwin Chiloba

Michelle Ntalami has eulogized her friend Kiprotich Kiptoo alias Chiloba as one that embodied love and revealed that she had warned the late fashionista about the relationship.

Chiloba was found dumped inside a metal box at Kipkenyo- Kaptinga Road, a few kilometers from Eldoret town.

Four suspects were arrested following the death of the fashionhista. 

The prime suspect in the murder of fashionista Jackton Odhiambo, 24, confessed to killing the model over allegations of a love triangle.

Read Michelle Ntalami's tribute letter read;

Let me paint a true picture of my friend @its_edwinchiloba.

We met through his LOVE.♥️ I once shared a personal story with the world, and it moved him so much that he sought me out just to share some of his own love and light.

The first photo is us on Valentine’s Day 2022, the very first time we met. He traveled all the way from Eldoret to Nairobi just to see me and give me this bouquet of roses, as he knew I wasn’t having the best one.

Fast-forward to June, and he literally couldn’t wait for my birthday to celebrate. In true Edwin fashion, pun intended, he owned the room! Swipe for some cherished memories and see how he exuded so much love. This is the kind of friend I have lost.💔

Humanity has lost the kind of person who made sure they spent every waking minute spreading pure, unadulterated love.

Edwin, you had big dreams that you shared with me. Dreams of being a global fashion icon and making it to the runways of Milan and New York. We were getting you there.😔 It’s heartbreaking to see that yes, you have now finally been recognized globally, but in such a tragic way.

Painful, that he who claimed to love you broke your heart over and over, and eventually took your life. We talked about it so many times. That was NOT love. But that pure heart of yours would not let go. Oh darling.💔😔

But they will never know peace! Neither can they dim your light. I recall when one of my icons, Princess Diana died, and the whole world was in mourning, because she embodied LOVE. Same with you; anyone who embodies love leaves a gaping hole when they’re gone. Here you are, a little known soul from a small town in Kenya, now a global name. Our star, the world will always remember you!🌟

Thank you for everything Edwin. Your friendship. Your unwavering support to me and @marini.naturals. Your genuine hearty smile. Your constant comments and reposts of love. For holding me down when I was down. For what you stood for; love, truth, laughter, kindness, authenticity, empathy, style. Above all, thank you for your LOVE. You will forever be missing from me.

The love you embody will lift your name forever.

🕊️Rest baby. ♥️🌈