Zari and lover visit her late husband's grave

Ivan succumbed to death in 2017 while admitted at the Steve Biko academic hospital in South Africa

Zari Hassan at Ivan Semwanga's grave
Zari Hassan at Ivan Semwanga's grave

Zari Hassan and her lover, Shakib Cham visited her late husband's grave Ivan Semwanga over the weekend.

In a video, Zari is seen at Ssemwanga's grave with friends as Shakim is seated a metre from her. 

Ivan died in 2017 while admitted at the Steve Biko academic hospital in South Africa. 

The two sired three boys, Pinto, Raphael and Quincy Semwanga. They has been married for 12 years before they separated.

He relocated to South Africa in 2002 with the help of his cousin, where he ventured into providing education services.

Before his death, Ivan together with Zari were running the Brooklyn colleges which has 6 branches spread across South Africa.

Ivan had several mansions in Uganda and two posh houses in Sandton and Pretoria, South Africa.

Paying tribute to him at the time, Zari described him as the greatest of all time.

“God loves those that are special and that’s exactly who you were and I guess that’s why he wanted you to himself. You have touched and helped thousands, you did wonders and I remember you telling me “life is too short Zee let me live it to the fullest”, this very dark hour it makes sense why you always said those words to me."

"To your sons, you were a hero-some kind of superman. Anyone who has ever been in your presence knows what a charming person you were. You will be missed and remembered in so many ways. You were IVAN THE GREAT!” 


Most fans have been shocked by the video, saying, it should serve as a lesson to the living;

Don-don999: We always have to learn from everything….this shows you that you should always enjoy life to the fullest you liv alone and die alone….once you die yo most beloved wife,husband,boy friend or girlfriend ..will pull up with her new partner if not different partners at yo burial place mercilessly

JannetKizza: Least she wd hv gone with her kids!!! Such a video might not be liked by her boys....just thinking....

Incredibe56: My future wife should not try that nonsense, if you are to come, come alone huh!

Karimwente: This my greatest lesson of the year enjoy ur days when it comes❤️

Gisa_events: But zari also must she post everything??