Jalang'o explains viral TBT photo with Diana Marua

The mom of 3 has trended after her old video talking about being a side-chick trended

Diana Marua with Jalang'o
Image: The Star

Rapper Diana Marua was in the news over the last couple of days after confessing in a video that she dated multiple men simultaneously.

In the old video that resurfaced online on Thursday, November 17, Diana is heard defending her actions.

She also spoke about being a side chick to a married man. One of the men that has been listed as the possible married man was Lang'ata MP, Jalang'o.

The comedian and former radio presenter has now spoken out about it.

In an interview on Saturday, November 19, Jalango denied being linked to Marua. He told Mungai Eve on her YouTube channel that; 

"I didn't see, I didn't even know Diana was trending until a friend of mine showed me a photo. I remember that photo must have been taken more than 15 years ago when my friend used to have a boutique at Jamia Mosque. and Diana had come in to buy clothes. I think she was a superstar. Diana was a superstar throughout. We took a photo with her and saw Ghafla write and put my photo, with very funny captions, it's so sad."


"And it really hurts when you just write things without knowing what somebody is going through," he said.

In 2020,  a fake Twitter account using Diana's name emerged and blasted women who entertain their men cheating.

This caused a sensation online, with KOT releasing pictures of Diana with various men, with the mom of 3 then distancing herself from the vile insinuations.