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Why Huddah’s relationship advise is for pretty and stunning women only!

Huddah Monroe is one of the few socialites who doesn’t mind dishing out relationship advice to her horde of social media followers.

Thing is, her advice is normally controversial and can be circumspect if one looks deeply at it (which I normally do and will do so in this article).

If your man cheats on you should also cheat on him and make sure he knows! Huddah

In one of her Instastories this past week, the gorgeous socialite opened up about being in a couple of failed relationships; which she’s getting used to.

Huddah screenshot
Huddah screenshot
Huddah screenshot 1
Huddah screenshot 1

Her second screenshot is very illuminating about the state of mind of the former Big Brother contestant and the current Dubai resident.


Her mindset reflects the way she views her relationships with the other gender-an all out transaction. You see, Huddah’s advice to ladies and young girls has always been about survivalism and taking what you can(and as much as you can) from the men you are with.

Why is this advice problematic?

Because it isn’t meant for long-term relationships which most honest women want. It works very well for short-term relationships with men of worth as those men most times already have wives. They aren’t looking for a second or third, they are just looking for a little fun.

The advice also works well for women who have been blessed with beauty and assets that they can leverage when dealing with these type of man.

Huddah is a woman who has been blessed(and added some more with the help of plastic surgeons) beauty that she has used remarkably in her life.

Her attitude that she never sees a future in her relationships belies an attitude of thorough abundance as far as men and relationships go. They are disposable-Lose one and she will easily replace him/it.

The part I would most like to live with you the reader is the fact above. Huddah has been blessed with pretty privilege, a term coined to theorize that beauty does come with unearned advantages.

Meaning that the things she can get away with in her life and relationships are more than the ordinary woman can, as any honest gorgeous woman can attest to.

For now, Huddah will never lack an abundance of wealthy suitors and her advice mirrors this powerful fact.

The problem is that her solipsistic thinking doesn’t allow her to see that most of her followers don’t enjoy the mega-benefits her beauty gives her. She can keep on picking, choosing, and disposing of men as she sees fit, her beauty be her shield.

Can the women she gives advice honestly say the same about their looks or the caliber of men seeking them out for a romantic relationship? Can they view and conduct their relationships the same way Miss Monroe does without repercussion and regret?

I don’t think so.

But I could be wrong…


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