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Breaking away from an abusive marriage or relationship is never easy given the fact that women are emotional and get easily attached when it comes to matters of the heart.

Its said that relationships are like glass, sometimes it is better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

While red flags are always there when a relationship is not working out most people opt to ignore them only to end up heartbroken.

According to Daily Mail there are signs which can help you identify if you should break your relationship or not.


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Melbourne-based   divorce coach Prudence Henschke specialises in helping people calmly navigate relationship break-ups and here are some of those signs.

1. Small irritations have become more intense

Whenever you feel your spouse getting easily irritated even by the most petty things this should be a reason for alarm.Talking about a problem and finding a solution is the only way to avoid such scenarios.

Irritated spouses have a tendency of snapping thus saying things that might their partners emotionally

2. Clashing views on non-negotiable needs

According to the expert, couples rarely sit down before they are married to talk about topics like work, money, children, parenting, sex, religion and politics.

Having these boring conversations is crucial’ because not knowing each other’s values, needs and expectations early on, can be problematic down the track.

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3. Ongoing stress can damage the foundations of a relationship

Like the holy book states it is a good habit to solve issues before they pile up and start stressing you since stress can easily damage a relationship due to communication break down.


4. Failing to appreciate each other

Simple things like saying ‘thank you”may i’, ‘i love you’, ‘i appreciate your effort’ and saying sorry are crucial in relationships even though most people take them for granted.

Letting your guard down and lowering your ego is the only way to make a marriage successful.

5. Your marriage has hit a boredom-rut

Relationships need to be nurtured and nourished in order to thrive thus it is important to still do the things that attracted you to each other.

Most people get too comfortable when they enter the marriage institution a leading cause for most marriages breaking up.So the next time you notice your partner is bored, Grab a movie together,go on a dinner date, take a walk or just watch the stars together.

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