Relationship guru Lisa Gaitho has a different opinion on relationships now

Kenyan born lifestyle blogger, Lisa Gaitho has recently shocked many with the revelations she made on her you tube channel. The controversial blogger is known for her spicy opinion on how to handle African men and that looks like it has changed.

Lisa Gaitho


Last yea,r Lisa took to her channel to advise women to wash their men, and the news was not received well. Once again she has something to say and this time you might just want to seat and listen without speaking. Lisa recently ended her relationship with her Nigerian tycoon who she explains as ‘loving’. She has been spotted getting cosy severally with her ex boyfriend.

Lisa Gaitho

She took to you tube to update her followers on her current situation and this is what she said,

“I have been praying and fasting and for a while now I’ve just had so many things going on now, that¬† diIdn’t know whether I’d be able to share with you guys or not but…”

Lisa 1

She continues to explain that she has a calling from God and that she has been ignoring it for a long time.

” Romantic relationships have been the foundation of a messed up life. Romantic relationships are the reason why I’m still seated in my parents house single. It’s ironic because you think if you’ve been dating for so long, you know, practice makes perfect, right? no…because none of my relationships have been based on God!’

She went ahead to reveal how she’d compromise her relationship with God to be fit and be acceptable to different men that she has been with. She even became Muslim for a while just for a man, crazy right?


Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel like she revealed that much because she was heartbroken. Lisa talked about how she was cheated on in the past by the guy she trusted so much.

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