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Relationship Goals! This Is The BIGGEST MISTAKE Women Do On The First Date

Once a man is in love with a woman, he will definitely want to know her better. That means a date will be involved in the process.

Ladies, you might be carried away by his looks or voice or the one thing makes you go koo koo. But one thing stands! There is that one big mistake women make on the first date. You ask what?

7 Things You Shouldn’t Do On A First Date

Ladies tend to tell the man almost everything about them. My point is, DO NOT tell a man everything you like on the first date. By doing that, you give this man, that you barely know, treasure map to your heart. He will do everything you like and you on the other hand will never come to know him (Until its too late.)


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Let the guy think about it, and by that I mean you should be mysterious. Let him think deep of what you like, let him think what he could buy you as a perfect gift. If you tell him you love chocolates, he will definately shower you with lots of them. You will get that until he gets what he wants, then he will give you what he really has to offer.

So slow down. don’t tell him everything, make him wonder about it.


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