‘I regret turning down other opportunities while at Machachari,’ actor Govi reveals

Child actor Govi fame for his role in Machachari Spoke to Jalas where he said;

‘I thought that by staying in Machachari I would make it big. I would get calls from Belgium, South Africa and even the UK, but I would decline. I regret that.’

He said he wished to make Ksh 500,000 a month while playing Govi in Machachari, but that was not possible and that was one of the reasons he left.

‘It was hard to negotiate that amount because the show had other cast and crew members to pay and that’s why I concluded to leave.

Govi recounted how he suffered from anxiety after he left the show.

“The fame I enjoyed had altered my perception about my life. Whenever I went out of the house people on the streets would ask me what had happened to the show and it would bother me,” he stated.

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Govi of Machachari

During the interview, the popular actor explained that his exit from Machachari was necessitated by the need to grow his craft beyond the character “Govi”.

…turuke hizo miaka zote tuingie 2019, when I quit my job, I wasn’t sacked…I left Machachari and I was never sacked…and that why I always appreciate our Chairman Dr. SK Macharia and his wife, Latiffah Ngunjiri and my producer Naomi Kamau. Mimi hukuwa nimewa-respect sana, because they taught us to be family. That’s one thing many shows lack in Kenya.

… Ilifika wakati nikafeel for how long will I be Govi, am a diverse actor but kukuwa Govi inanikali chapati…so we agreed with Baha to go to Mombasa and think about the future of the show…hiyo time tulikuwa tishaingia 19 years na tulianza Machachari tukiwa 8 years old and we did the show for 11 years.

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