Ephy Saint and Chantelle Petit

‘He recorded me while trying to kill myself’ Tahidi High actor Ephy exposed

Former Tahidi High actress Ephy Saint has been exposed by his baby mama Chantelle Petit for having been a ‘monster’ in the relationship.

According to the digital marketer, the former actor dumped her while she was only a few months pregnant.

Chantelle Petit, recently delivering her first child  something that left her fighting Fistula

In her Instagram stories, Chantelle said Ephy Saint has been trash taking her.

My baby daddy has been talking trash about me on the web and I am fed up. He is a pathological liar who has hurt so many women over the years.

Ephy Saint

I think its time to expose him because I am tired of the mind games he plays.


Chantelle also narrated how Ephy Saint lied to her that she was his only woman, only to later find out he was lying.

He told me countless times he was single and there was one in his life. He made believe that I am the love of his life I believed him.

I loved him dearly with all my heart.

The mother of one said they met on Instagram and she fell for him, little did she know he was a ‘monster’.

When I met him I had just gotten out of relationship. It was rough time. He sent me a DM and you know nillingiia box.

Chantelle Petit

She added that their relationship wasn’t a perfect one.


She also said that quite a number of women who’ve been with Ephy Saint reached out to her sharing their stories.

Chantelle Petite

Chantelle says in February last year they had a fight and she almost took her life away.

There was a time in Feb last years we had a bad fight I was ready to kill myself because my heart was tired.

He laughed at me and then started recording me while I was crying and holding a knife.

Chantelle Petite

Chantelle says her love for him was genuine but she didn’t feel he loved her the same way. She explained how one day Ephy kissed a woman in front of her.

But then there were many instances I felt like he didn’t love me.It now makes sense because he was married. The first was in April last year. I was a few weeks pregnant he kissed a woman in front of me.

I cried for hours.


Then in July when I told him the way he makes me feel depressed, he told me to killed myself. He will replace me in 2 weeks I was four months pregnant.

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