Reasons Why You Need To Cut Off That Friendship

Friendships are born out of common likes and with time it can either prosper of fizzle out. Sometime a friendship will die of natural causes, not to mean that you no longer care about each other but to show that you don’t view things the same way.

In other cases people change or you finally get to see the other foot, at this point its important o be objective with yourself , accept the situation and let go. But at what point does one do this?

When their character becomes questionable and you can no longer trust them for several reasons its best to keep distance. Eg. Someone who makes a pass at your man, one who is available only during good and happy times and not when you need them etc this is someone you need to cut off as they aren’t doing you any favours.

Jealousy/Negative – A friend who will never support your dreams or amtiouse and encourage you through things is not a friend. These type of people will always negate your thoughts and will always advice you on how much of a bad idea it is plus how it won’t work.

One sided – Just like a relationship it takes two to make it work. However if you are constantly the one making plans, calling to check up on them , asking for a meeting etc then you need to re-evaluate your friendship.

Honesty – You can’t tell if this friend is genuine or fake and far as the friendship goes it’s not crystal clear so you are unsure of their intention. It’s time to move forward

Different goals – Ever heard of this “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” the company you keep tells a lot about you. I you don’t have goals aligned in making yourselves better then there’s no point of that friendship. This you will realise as you age, that even friendships are meant to push you to become better.

When you feel that you have reached the end of a friendship, do not feel guilty leaving them behind as you forge forward. Life doesn’t stand still and not everyone will make it to the finishing line.

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