Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

Reasons why Vera may be desperate after being dumped by Otile Brown

Vera Sidika stated that Oile Browns ex alleged reached out to her and warned her to stay away from the ‘Baby Love’ hit maker.

The woman in question is yet to be identified but according to Vera, this woman was one of the many red flags she saw before she started dating Otile Brown.

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 In an earlier interview she said

“I saw the signs that he wanted me for the money, even before we started an ex of his sent me photos through a fake account of both of them in her car, she also sent me photos of her dented car.

It is during that time when he also dented my range rover which I had to fix myself after efforts to get him to do it failed miserably.

verah and Otile Brown

He was dating this girl who sent me messages telling me how Otile would use me, to get to propel his career when I asked him about it he did not deny the fact that the woman in question used to give her money. But added that he was not using her”.

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Further adding that

“The woman further to told me how Otile was violent even sending me photos of herself with bruises adding that they even had a police report. 

Well we think that Vera is getting desperate and here is why

1. Stooping so low as to air Otile’s bedroom skills in public

She might be getting desperate because people are getting tired of all her drama so what better way than to demean the boy child?

2. Publicizing the fact that Otile borrowed her money

Every man has borrowed money at some point after all uchumi ni mbaya kwa kila mtu. Imagine what would happen if all of us decided to expose our bae’s debts si labda wahame Kenya.

3 .Releasing a song only weeks after being dumped

Don’t get me wrong but this song is just ill timed and Vera is just using it so as to remain relevant. Further more what is she crying about her failed relationship or being dumped? That we will never know.

Whether you agree or not Vera’s singing skills have nothing on Otile, boy child ameweza.

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