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Reasons why Monday’s should be your most productive days of the week

Just looking at the clock ticking on Sunday is enough to get a groan from most Kenyans.

That’s because no one is looking forward to Monday.

However, there are reasons why you should love Monday

1. It’s the beginning of a new week

Mondays are for fresh starts.

They are for setting goals and making sure you accomplish them through out the week.

This is one of the reasons why you should make Monday one of our most productive days


2. Its the time of the week where you plan your week

Among the many deadline that may be at the end of the week, it is important to have a plan on what you will be doing through out the week.

This makes it easier to set your goals and accomplish them.

By setting these goals, it becomes easier to know what needs to be dome through out the week.

5 Easy Ways to get you of that weekend hangover!

3.  It’s the time to plan your weekly goals

Goals are very important.

Do not start off your week without having a clear idea of what you would want accomplished by the end of the week.

Having a plan and setting your goals should set you off to a good start of the week.

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4. Time to schedule meetings

Ah! You do not want have meetings and then forget all about them.

Schedule and write down meetings that are to be held and attended during the week.

This sets the week to a good start an done that has order giving you that smooth week.

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5. Monday is only 3 days to Friday!

As you start off the week, it may be a drag especially since you are off  from a weekend.

So think of it like this… Monday is only a few days to the end of the week.

Maybe this will make your week more bearable.


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