Reasons why Maina Kageni would make a good pastor

The debate on why women love confiding in male pastors has been on the rise and it is obvious that men are not amused one bit.

Well as you might know by now, Maina Kageni has been nicknamed ‘Nairobi’s Women representative’ by his male fans who feel that he defends them way too much.

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Well it now seems like he has acquired a new title because according to his listeners Maina Kageni can make a good pastor.

Here is the reason according to a fan of Classic 105

“Maina I think you can make a good pastor. This is because you like telling our women what they want to hear rather than telling them the plain truth no matter how painful.

Women trust you so much that is why they call your show every morning crying about how bad their men are, they love you because you behave like a pastor because in the eyes of a pastor no man is good enough.

The way you hate us makes us wonder what we did wrong. How do you even get to sleep at night by kutuingilia? The truth remains that our women love being told all these lovely things and that is exactly what you do with them Maina .”


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