Reasons why you need to date a short girl in 2020

Oh my! Don’t we all love short girls. And by short, I mean any lady 5’0 and below.  Sometimes you wanna tap on their head and say something like “little child of God, respect your elders”

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With that though, they are really adorable. You need to try one this year and here’s why:

1. Dramatic

Women are dramatic. I don’t need your counter argument on this. The interesting part of a short woman’s argument is that they sound fun. It’s like a little kid ranting her all and then going to the bedroom sulking. They are prone to petty drama here and there which spices up the relationship. We all love having a good argument once in a while.

2. Kis*able


I hope God has a special place in heaven for them. Lowering your head to have your lips on theirs with your hand rested above that heavy loaded bottom. They can easily get you from zero to cloud 12 in a flash. Their kis*ing game feels like heaven. In case you haven’t tried one, please do.

3. Twa twa gurus

These little babes are easy to spin and the energy is 100%. You can’t forget how portable they are. Ever had to tap out for a little water break? Get one. They drive you faster than a Subaru. I guess this whole talk is a taboo and I wouldn’t want to be cursed by the African gods.

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4. No shame

It feels good walking around in the company of short girl. And it feels better if she walks with her arms around your waist and yours around her shoulders. With a good body shape, you are sure she will steal the show.

short woman

Every man wants a woman they can take pride in. Short girls never fail on this. They are adorable like our favourite minions.

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