Reasons why your nanny should not wash your under garments

Most married women who acquire house help to help them around the house have overlooked a few things that their nannies should never get their hands on.

Here is a list of things you should never expect you nanny to do;

1. Serve food to your Husband

Ladies please seat down and listen, only you are allowed to serve your man. It is disrespectful to your man when you sit down and let your nanny serve him.

Only you know his rightful portion of food plus it is your job as his wife.

‘No bras for me due to pain and scars in my right breast and lung’ Jahmby

2.Attending to your bedroom

You must never let her attend to your bedroom, whether by cleaning or even getting anything from in there. This is where two become one and vows change to not just words but an actions and take up shape.

The nanny has no business in the room. Take care of it because that is your only personal space that you and your husband own.

Truth be told some nannies are in search of husbands hence do not be shocked if you find your bed has turned out to be her play ground while you are away.

3.Washing your undergarments

This is seriously stressing to your nanny. You should never give her you inner garments or your husband’s. Infact you should wash yours and your husbands’.

She will clean her clothes, the kids’, yours and your hubbys’ but not your inner garments. Ladies repeat after me!’ not my inner garments’

Otherwise you might find she has taken them to a Juju man ujipate bila bwana.

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