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Reasons Ken Okoth might have asked his family to cut him off life support

Second-time Member of parliament for Kibra Ken Okoth passed away yesterday at Nairobi hospital’s ICU due to massive organ failure.

Ken, as he was fondly known by Kenyans, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Something unique about Ken deathOkoth’s death, however, is that he had requested his family to cut him off life support.

Here are the reasons he might have done so.

1-He wanted his family to rest easy

It’s obvious that Okoth was a family man.

Seeing his wife Monicah support him all these months, however, might have shown him the toll his health had on his loved ones.

Hence he decided he was ready to meet his maker.

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2-He was tired

Battling cancer is not easy the fact that Ken Omoth’s cancer has spread to the liver was twice as hard.

Since it was diagnosed at stage four Ken was to be on drugs for life.

As a man, it reaches a point all the will to fight goes.

Ken might have felt that this past weeks.

3-He had lived life and finished his race

Ken had lived life, created memories, shared enough love to last Kenyans a lifetime hence he felt ready to go.

4-He had accomplished  his mission on Earth

Unlike most politicians Ken was a man of the people, he had built schools, given bursaries attended graduations for his constituents and he felt his mission on Earth was done.

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