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Why is Betty Kyallo posting more images revealing more skin this past year?

Betty Kyallo has been in the news the past few months for the type of clothes that she has been donning. The mother of one who has achieved so much over the years has been attacked for showing a little too much skin for some, such that she had to address the issue on her YouTube channels.

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The former K24 journalist who had been on vacation at the time in Watamu spoke about the backlash she received at the time.

She was shocked about just how far individuals could go, instead of appreciating her natural curves and thickness. She addressed the haters saying;

It was such a decent bikini thing and I mean, follow the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kourtney, they wear worse things to the beach but they walk around and no one cloths them in T-shirts. But me, you even gave me a handbag at the pool, seriously?

Before clapping back;

I am so proud of my body! I never even bothered to pull down the picture cause you know what, that’s your problem, not mine! I’ll wear whatever I want, I cannot go to the swimming pool in a leso or dera. I love my body thicccc!

And for those that called her out for lacking that ‘bikini body’, she was like;

Show me yours! And if you’re a guy, I’m sure you have a big belly! For the chicks, I now you have love hurdles and are here bodyshaming me. For now, I love my body the way it is, thick!

And Betty was joking around in her response to the trolls as she hasn’t stopped posting images of herself since the debacle to the anger of some individuals.

While some trolls might lose their sh1t over her posting more of the images this year, they are not asking the righ question? Why now?

I have two possible reasons:

The first was that was on the hunt for a new man-a future husband. And what better to do so than on her very popular Instagram page? And her bikini-clad body is the advert for men who are easily titillated.

But after giving it some thought, I settled for the second reason, Betty is her own boss now, she isn’t employed by anyone anymore who might demand a standard of conduct in public. That gives her the freedom to express herself the way she feels like-something she wasn’t able to do when she was at KTN and K24.

But I could be wrong and Betty just loves posing in skimpy outfits. Who knows?

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