Willy Paul vs Shakila

Shakila vs Willy Paul-Whose side of the story makes more sense?

Willy Paul and Shakila are the trending topic in entertainment news at the moment.

The reason is the conflicting stories that both have been giving about whether Shakila broke into Willy Paul’s house earlier in the week.

Willy has maintained that the socialite came to his house unannounced under false pretenses while Shakila said that she was played by the singer.

The back and forth is turning nasty as Willy decided to respond to Shakila’s claims that he had played her. He posted a series of chat screenshots yesterday that completely put Shakila’s claims to task.

Willy’s case

In them Willy claims that he didn’t know who gave her his number before she started calling him on WhatsApp before recently making direct calls to him.

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Willy Paul’s side of the story
“She keeps sending and unsending DMs, even asking me to go Live with her and break Xtian’s record. Huyu si ni wazimu?” bashed Willy Paul.

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He questioned her visit to his premises, claiming she had been told by a mutual friend that he has been looking for her only to find out she was lying.

The artiste was also offended that she had claimed she was freed on bail but that he was the one who dropped the charges after she pleaded with him.

“Naskia akisema alitoka na bail, does she even know what bail is? Or maybe she meant alitoka na belly, because that is the only thing she can afford,” Willy Paul fired back.

Why his defense makes more sense than Shakila’s

Shakila has claimed that Willy played her by inviting her to his place and then setting her up with the police. First off, the socialite has a track record that calls into question whatever she says.

She was found lying about the men she had slept with on Xtian Dela’s IG live show. Xtian even had to apologise to some of those men for the claims she had made.

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Hapo vipi?

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Secondly, Willy is a man who keeps his dalliances with his women on the down-low. The man has made it an art-form to keep his private life hidden from the public.

For him to go to the police/media about the socialite tells me that this interaction most likely wasn’t of his own doing. Shakila is kryptonite at the moment for any serious male celeb who entertains her. Especially for someone like Willy who came up in the gospel fraternity.

Lastly, where is Shakila’s evidence? Willy has produced his receipts in spades. Where is Shakila’s evidence to prove her case?

But I could be wrong.

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