Real House Helps of Kawangware actress Njambi pregnant (See Details)

Celebrated real house helps of Kawangware actress Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi is expectant with her second child.

She already has a daughter.

Jambi was spotted around Archives, in the CBD, looking all shades of awesome with a baby bump.

She was wearing a blue stripped dress and black dolly shoes.

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Recently Njambi shared a post on how she suffered a miscarriage adding that she was not ready to talk about it yet.

Sharing the photo below she wrote

I might not be ready to talk about it but I still remember…… Goodmorning

miscarriage post

Njambi has in the past talked about battling depression. According to her the one reason she never went through with it is because of her daughter.

Taking to Instagram, Njambi shared a photo of her on a day when she lost every thing she called hers.

I remember when I took this photo, this was the day I lost everything I’ve ever worked for.

 I had sat on the stairs as they took everything from my house.

My mum was so stressed and my brother @kenyan_twist as usual was cheering me up.

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She adds

I remember he was telling me about how I was used to having my own bathroom in my bedroom sasa na Rudi kutumia choo na kila mtu 🤣🤣(my brother though).


I felt like my life was ending I mean I just got up now am being put down again.

I remember Tam came back from school and she was shocked, “haukuniambia tunahama” she said.

She was asking where our things are especially her toys 😂😂😂typical….. 

Njambi goes on to open up about how she has battled with depression

Anyway, It wasn’t supposed to be a long post but anyways since am half way……

Can I just say something about depression and how sad it is that young people are ending their lives because of love, money and jobs.

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Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi or real house helps of Kawangware

Adding that

I tell people life is never that serious, you loose some you gain some ..

I’ve been depressed since I was 15yrs I had family drama, I had self esteem, I felt unloved, unwanted, I felt like I meant nothing to anyone.

Njambi with her daughter

I’ve tried it all taking pills, countless times I’ve tried to commit suicide, I’ve wanted to jump off my balcony a million times.

I’ve scars coz I used to cut myself….

But every time I try shit, there comes Tamara complaining about something I said I’ll do and I didn’t.

She goes on to add

If you ever feel depressed and you feel like you want to end your life please find a purpose, every one has a purpose for living.

I think the reason am still alive am still surviving is because of someone somewhere who is going through a lot and has no one to talk to, my DM is always open.

In conclusion Njambi states that she does not understand why she finds pleasure in pain.

I understand, I know how it feels to be worthless, to have self esteem, to feel unloved I know.

I am where you’re…. I get tattoos or piercings just to numb my pain…

 I don’t know why I find pleasure and comfort in pain….. And to friends please check up on your person.

She also advises Kenyans on how to identify a depressed person.

We depressed people don’t know how to talk, how to talk about our problems .

We might look alright but deep down we’re dying. I know I smile alot, I joke alot but when I am alone, I am empty.

Plus, depression is making me so fat 🙊🙊

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