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‘I am ready to be friends with Zari,’ Hamisa Mobetto reveals in an interview

Tanzanian model and business lady Hamisa Mobetto seems to want peace with her  fellow baby mama.

After making peace with Tanasha, she is now ready to extend an olive branch to Zari Hassan after years of feuding over Diamond, the father of their children.

The two have been beefing for years after Hamisa sired a child with Diamond while he was still dating Zari Hassan.

During an interview with a Wasafi TV, Hamisa said that if being friends with Zari was her fate then she would gladly welcome her with open arms.

“Kama itakuja kutokea mimi am here, mimi ni mtu ambaye huwanga ni mzuri sana kwenye kupokea watu ni mkarimu. So kama imepangwa itakuja kutokea sawa I will be here,” she said.

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Diamond was in a publicised relationship with Zari when he cheated on her with Hamisa.

The two have been throwing shade at each other on social media.

Hamisa Mobetto with her two kids
Hamisa Mobetto with her two kids

During the interview, Hamisa also revealed that Diamond had impregnated her thrice but she miscarried before giving birth to Dylan.

“Before I gave birth to Dylan I got pregnant three times. when I got my first pregnancy, we traveled I don’t know what country we were going to and I had a miscarriage. I got the second one, it came out, the third one came out. It’s a period in which we were together. Dylan was the fourth and when I was pregnant, we were together until the day I was going to give birth.”


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