Read Zari’s stern warning to a fraudster

Zari Hassan has exposed a fraudster who has been using her photos to lie to people that he has a foundation with which he works together with her.

Zari shared photos of the fraudster by the name Zari’s charity worth with Ddumba and put his name.

I need to expose this fraudster using our photos claiming to be helping people. He edits names and adds his own to make it look legit. Dude, did you think we wouldn’t find out? Please if you paid him claim your money and have him arrested. He is a fraud,” wrote Zari on Instagram

The businesswoman later shared a video condemning Boss Khan;

“I keep warning you about these Instagram fraudsters, he keeps editing photos removing Ddumba foundation and putting his own foundation. You are a fraudster and whoever is dealing with him in the name of I know Zari, she’s my sister and we are friends, dude I don’t know you, I’ve never met you so stop eating people’s money, how do you live with yourself? How do you sleep at night knowing you are doing this thing? It is so sad, don’t use people’s images in the name of robbing people it’s so sad.”

Zari also shared photos of the man.

On his personal social media pages, the man has over one million followers.

“I don’t give any reason for anyone to hate me. They create their own little drama out of jealousy. My life Ñot your business” reads his bio

In the foundation’s Instagram page, the over 20K private account reads,

“Founded by Bosskhan Bills (@bosskhan_bills ) we work to improve the lives of citizens Through health, education, and community development.”

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