Read Octopizzo’s Deep Message Over Violence In Kibera

Kenyans have finally known who their leaders will be for the next five years. But not everyone agrees with the results.

To express displeasure parts of the country have broken out in violence, with civil society among others speaking out against the violence.

Octopizzo has always shared with the members of the public how happy he is to call Kibera home. To date, he still visits Kibera and the youth have grown to love him even more.


But Octo has a message that he would like to pass to the Kenya police in regards to claims made by sections of society that they are shooting people with live bullets in Kibera.

He took to twitter to write, “Kenyan Police should not shoot people with live bullets as they are doing in Kibera,You are capable of making an arrest NOT KILLING STOP!!!”

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