Read Celina’s message to her son as he turns a year older

Catherine Kamau aka Celina, is one of the most celebrated and talented actresses in the Kenyan showbiz industry.

Other than that, she is also a renowned TV host, an ambassador for different companies in Kenya but in all those things, nothing beats her role of being a mother and a wife.

She is a mother to a cute son by the name Leon Kamau, who is now 12-years-old. The actress gave birth at a tender age, but has no regrets about her decision because she is now married and happy with former Tahidi High actor and producer Philip Karanja.

Kate The Actress makes a beautiful video wishing her husband a happy birthday


Well, Catherine Kamau has never shied away from posting her all grown son on social media while also praising her cute hubby Phillip Karanja.


Today he has turned 12 years and the proud mother could not wait but to spread her love and celebrate her son’s birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my biggest blessing , I don’t know where I would be without you today , you gave me a dream , fuelled my ambition , made me a better person , I love you Leon. Happy 12th bday my egg 😊 ( am very young pris ) 😂
Happy birthday to all July babies on my timeline ❤️”

Philip Karanja also wished his son a happy birthday;

Happy birthday KING LEON. You are growing into a young man am proud of💪
Watu pris saidieni boychild hapa and wish him a happy birthday, atakuja kusoma comments after school na atacatch (he likes to be popular😂 I wonder where he got it from👀 ➡ Cate its not your day why are you always poxing yourself in our photos?



Fans have also joined hand and wished him well.

winnyshontel….Happy birthday to him…. Thank you I am a July baby too

terry_bees…Happy birthday son grow grow……. As I wait for my birthday tommorro July babes rock

______nyiha_____…Happiest birthday to your boy, he has the coolest mum ever ❤

rachel.annie.33….Happy birthday to him, celebrating my birthday today too, July babies are blessed, 7 it’s the number that got stamped in all God’s work.


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