Read about Risper Faith’s pregnancy struggles: ‘At times I am tempted to take sleeping pills’

Socialite Risper Faith and her lover Brian are happily married.

The couple has been vlogging about their life and it seems all is well in paradise as they await the birth of their first-born child.


Heavily pregnant Risper Faith has shared her pregnancy struggles and it’s no different from any pregnant woman. She is experiencing different challenges among them cravings, fatigue, lack of sleep.


Through her YouTube channel, she said;

Its been a struggle. I can’t sleep especially at night because there’s too much weight on my stomach. When I sleep on my left hips ache a lot whereas when I sleep on my right the weight comes to the other side hence making it hard for me to sleep. At times I am tempted to take sleeping pills but it’s not advisable.

Pregnant mothers are advised to sleep on the left and the socialiate says;

During the day, I try to get busy as much as I can so that at the end of the day I’m very tired and when I go to bed, I sleep immediately.

Risper Faith

She is seven months pregnant and says it’s not easy.

At times I try to put a pillow in between my legs but it’s uncomfortable

Risper also says that bending is a challenge and applauds her husband for being there for her.

Brian has been very supportive during the whole pregnancy journey. At times when I’m unable to wear my socks he helps me put them on as well as shoes when I’m about to step out.

The former Nairobi Diaries reality star admits she has gained several kilograms and is looking forward to maintaining her hourglass figure.

I feel like i’m fat. I can no longer wear my normal clothes. They don’t fit anymore. I’m used to size 28 waist and hips 54. I’m a  16 but right now I’m wearing size 18. After giving birth, will stay for nine months then undergo surgery so as to get back my sexy body.

Brian was not for the idea of surgery and told his wife that she was going to work out and not go under the knife.

I’m sure you’ll bounce back. Don’t worry about your body. But incase you will still want surgery, well and good.

Risper also revealed that she has crazy cravings;

I have been having weird cravings but I have a good support system. When ‘m craving junk or sugary things, I just take yogurt rich in vitamins.

She has not experienced swellings around her body parts like most pregnant women.


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