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Larry Madowo excites Kenyans as he flaunts new American accent (video)

Even while abroad in the USA, Larry Madowo still has a talent for getting Kenyans animated. Yesterday, the former Nation TV anchor appeared in an interview with Victoria Rubadiri on Citizen TV discussing the covid-19 pandemic.

The journalist, who spoke to Rubadiri via Skype, has been in America from mid-2019 as he advances his studies at the Columbia School of Journalism, which is located in New York.

Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends
Larry Madowo with some of his foreign friends

On Saturday, March 28, he was interviewed by Rubadiri during the 9pm news and talked broadly on the major strategies that the US was taking to combat the spread of the virus.

“There is a lot of messaging to social distance in the US. The medical facilities in the US could be strained due to high numbers of infections,” he said.

The reason Larry Madowo has been forced to leave New York City

Despite sharing much on how the US was dealing with the virus, the journalist also took issue with the manner in which the police were implementing the curfew in Kenya.

“I was horrified watching people being brutalized by police as the curfew took effect yesterday. We cannot have police, who are ‘Utumishi Kwa Wote’ beating up Kenyans. How do we justify that?” he posed.

Larry Madowo vacationing
Larry Madowo smiling

While Larry’s interviewed carried a lot of oomph, some Kenyans were torn about the accent that he had developed since his move to the country.

Larry would be heard struggling to maintain the local accent but occasionally got himself off with American accent in which he pronounced words such as city as “cirry”, saying thirty as “thirry”, among many others.

Check out the interview below:

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