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‘Rapper Jua Cali has left the bedroom,’ his wife reveals details

Jua Cali’s wife and TV host Lily Asigo has revealed that her husband contracted the Corona virus.

Narrating to her fans how the virus has affected her love life, Lily said she almost lost it.

She added that for the first time, her children saw her broke down and asked her fans and friends not to call her as she is not in a good state of mind.

Check out her post;

“For the first time hubby amehama bedroom. Not because tumekosana but COVID NI NANI!” she wrote on her Insta stories.

“Don’t tell me I’m strong because I almost lost it. My 9 year old, 6year old and 3 year old got it too. For the first time they saw mummy cry. It has been a crazy week, it’s still crazy but we serve a living God. Please don’t call me if you have my number because I won’t pick. Sio kwa ubaya. I’m not in a good state of mind. Remember us in your prayers. NB: I’m fully vaccinated!”

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Jua Cali with his wife Lilly Asigo
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