Kenya's PM Odinga takes the Oath of Allegience and due execution of office under the new constitution in Nairobi

Raila says he only lost the 1997 elections

Cord leader Raila Odinga has said he will vie for president in 2017 despite being “denied victory” in the last two elections.

Raila said he will run for the top seat in future elections as long as ODM declares him its candidate.

Speaking on a radio show on Wednesday morning, he said his participation will however be subject to discussions with the coalition.

“We will consult as Cord because there are others who have the same interest. If they give me the go-ahead, I will be in the race,” he said.

The opposition leader said the 1997 poll in which he came third was the only one he lost.

He ran under the National Democratic Party banner and was beaten by DP’s Mwai Kibaki, and Kanu’s Daniel Moi who won.

Raila said as president he will complete the stalled projects he started during the grand coalition government.

“Infrastructure was my main agenda. I wanted to enhance equalization of development in all parts of the country and that is why we fought for devolution. So far, there is still huge disparity in terms of growth,” he said.

This was the first time since the 2013 elections for Raila to declare his continued interest in the presidency.


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