Rafiki wa dhati! Kambua in court to support Jacque Maribe (photo)

Jacque Maribe appeared before judge Jessie Lesiit to plead not guilty in connection to murder charges over the death of Monicah Kimani alongside her fiancé Jowie.

Her friends amongst them Shix Kapienga, Terry Anne Chebet, Monicah Kiragu and Kirigo Ngarua were in court to support her.

Most of them have opted to show their solidarity online with catchy emotional posts but not much is known on whether they visit Jacque or not.

Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe ,Terry Anne Chebet and a friend
Kirigo Ngarua in an earlier photo with Jacque Maribe, Terry Anne Chebet and a friend

‘Before you judge make sure you know the truth’ Citizen TV director Monicah Kiragu defends Jacque Maribe

Well one person whom you would not expect to see in court supporting Jacque Maribe is gospel artiste and Citizen TV host Kambua Manundu.

She was pictured keenly following the court proceedings and that is where we say ‘akufaae kwa dhiki ndie rafiki’.

Below is the photo


Well, we have received reports that Terryanne Chebet, Shix Kapyenga, Monica Kiragu and Kirigo Ngarua were spotted outside the court embracing and chatting with her.

Kambua is among public figures who have shown their support for Maribe in public, and others include Dennis Itumbi.

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