Jahmby Koikai

‘I have been questioning God why I go through so much pain’ Jahmby

Jahmby Koikai has opened up about her battle with post traumatic stress disorder caused by unresolved trauma and the side effects from the medication.

Jahmby has been battling endometriosis for years, something that has left her body fighting to stay healthy.

On many occasions she has shared her struggles with the aim of creating awareness.

Jahmby Koikai

Jahmby Koikai narrates how matatu driver rescued her at her hour of need

Sad as the situation maybe she always puts some humor to it and there has never been a dull moment with her.

Hey fam….every girl has that one stocking they love to wear on their head lol…it comes in all colors grey, black, brown, white etc. Stretched to all limits. Torn, knots, but we still love them.

Don’t grin at me like, Haki Njambi lol…the point is the comfort they give us and the protection they provide for our hair.
That brought me to a very important point about God.

I’ve been in a lot of pain last few days and I’m way past asking God why me. I’m at the stage of Job.

Jahmby Koikai
Jahmby Koikai

Though He slay me, yet i will put all my trust in Him.

I trust in God for His peace and comfort and the protection over my life.

I’ve battled a chronic illness that’s almost put me out but God’s reminding me that I’m here to fulfil His purpose.

I’ve also been battling serious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D), panic attacks, anxiety and depression caused by unresolved trauma and the side effects from the medication.

Jahmby Koikai
Jahmby Koikai

She adds

I will talk about depression and PTSD in detail in another post. 
As hard as it may seem, as confused as we may be, trust in God. He is in control. I’m walking through it and His mercies are new every morning.

This is a week of busy appointments with my doctors and I’m believing God for great reports and good news.
I walk in faith.

By faith not by sight. Please be encouraged that we are here together and through our Lord and saviour we shall overcome.

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