Questionable photos of Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz’s brother-in-law emerge

The scandal in Bongo Star Diamond Platnumz’ house continues to brew. After persistent rumors that he had a thing with a video vixen, followed by baby daddy rumors, everyone now wants to know more about side chick Hamisa Mobetto. In particular is her past and specifically guys are trying to dig up details of her past love life.



The Salome video vixen is not having an easy time despite Diamond admitting he is her baby daddy. In a radio interview on Clouds FM, Diamond opened up revealing he had relations with Hamisa that resulted in the birth of a baby boy.

She has been ridiculed for breaking a home, getting all sorts of insults from people who are team Zari and even from others who did not like how she insisted on posting pictures of the baby, exposing Diamond and demanding he take full responsibility.


Photos have emerged of Hamisa spending quality time with Esma Platnumz’ husband, Petitman, who is brother-in-law to Diamond. The photos from Coffee Table are raising eyebrows with many questioning if she dated him in the past. The photos show Hamisa being rather cozy, seeming to suggest something.

Check out photos of Hamisa and Diamond’s brother-in-law.






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