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Queens worldwide taking over the internet with the Buss it challenge

A song from an American singer named Erica Banks dubbed Buss It, has inspired women worldwide to try out the Buss it challenge.

The beat in the song samples singer Nelly’s song ‘Hot In Herr’ in which he says “Girl, I think my bu*t getting big”.

Some more lyrics used in the video include

“Drop it down low and pick it up, ayy/You know I don’t ever give a f**k, ayy/N*gga lookin’ at me in the club, ayy/He gon’ have to throw a couple dubs, ayy,”.

How it goes is that you’ll first see the woman dressed down in either home clothes like a bathrobe or tshirt. She fools around a bit, then drops it low to the lyrics where Nelly says “Girl, I think my but* getting big”  and she shows of her glitz look, twerking of course.

The kweens are blowing away our mind and the idea is to show off the best outfit and makeup and hair transformation and that also includes your best dance/twerk move.


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