Queen Darleen

‘Wakionja lazima warudi’ Diamond Platnumz sister Queen Darleen Brags About Her Bedroom Skills

If you thought Tanzanian artiste Diamond Platnumz is dramatic then you haven’t met his sister Queen Darleen who is also an artiste .

The voluptuous damsel during an interview bragged about how talented she is when it comes to bedroom skills. Blowing her own trumpet she said:

”I am telling you, I am the sweetest. I am also very romantic. I have never stayed with one man for over two or three weeks at most.”


As if to insists on her romance prowess she goes on to add that even when she parts with a man he must come back ,Maybe this is why it is called the forbidden fruit.

”When a man I date leaves, he will always come back. Another thing I must tell you is that I hate it when men hit on me. I like to be the one doing the pursuing. I can’t wait for a man to come to me. I go to them knowing no one can say no to me, I’m a star”

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