Put a bar: 8 simple tricks to pimp your balcony

More and more Kenyans are living in urban settings and with that has come the need for more highrises to accommodate the growing numbers.

This has meant that like the reggae singers constant lament; our suburbs, towns, and cities are becoming concrete jungles. This has meant that space is more constrained and thus the need to use efficiently.

Balcony with lounging chairs
Balcony with lounging chairs

One area that is constantly overlooked in most apartments and flats is how people use their balconies. There are several ways one can maximise and smartly use their balcony.

They are below;

Add a small table

One can enjoy a morning coffee, brunch or work on your laptop using the table.

Balcony with a small table
Balcony with a small table

Bring in Greenery

One can plant fruits and veggies in their balcony and no it isn’t as hard as you imagine.

Put up a Hammock or a rocking chair

The hammock or the chair is a nice way for one to enjoy the breeze or read a book as you lounge at home.

Balcony chair
Laying back as someone chills

Add Pattern with an Outdoor Rug

This will give your balcony character and make it more inviting to relax.

Opt for Floor Pillows

This is a wonderful idea for those who want to just chill and while away the day. One can have a nice conversation, read a book, play a board game or just meditate.

Surround Yourself with Flowers

Buy potted flowers and surround yourself with these beautiful reminders of nature’s best.


Install Built-In Seating

Put in some bench seating and use them while hosting your guests. Opt for Floor Pillows.

Design a Spot For Cocktails

Put up a temporary bar that you can use to prepare cocktails and drinks for yourself and guests.

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