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Proud mum Zari watches as son drives her to lunch in Range Rover


Mother of five Zari is spending time with her two cute all grown up sons she shares with the late Ivan Ssemwanga.

On Wednesday, Zari took her boys on a drive around and allowed Pinto to drive her Range Rover.

The proud mum encouraged him, telling him he is doing well.

She also shared a moment with her other son, who was sitting in the back of the vehicle.


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Later on Zari told her audience that “Better be nice to me, me and my whole clan are your future in laws”

Back in May, she gifted her sons Pinto Tlale and Raphael Semwanga Junior each an apartment to usher them into adulthood.

In her Instagram stories, Zari handed over the keys to Raphael’s apartment and told Pinto that his was across his brothers so they can lean into each other. She assured them that she is available when they need her.

Unfortunately, she was accused of kicking out her sons to make way for Dark Stallion to move in with her. Dark Stallion at the time was just privately dating Zari and it was said they wanted privacy in her home.

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