A balance of protein, vegetables and fat can help reduce weight

A book by a Danish dietitian, which has taken Scandinavia by storm, has arrived in the UK and is being hailed as ‘the easiest diet in the world’.

The Scandi Sense Diet reveals how you can easily cut calories without counting them by making each meal with four handfuls of food – protein, carbs and two of vegetables.


Its creator Suzy Wengel, 39, a mother-of-five and CEO of a biotech company devised the method after a lifelong battle with her weight, tipping the scales at 15.7 stone at her heaviest.

But on her self-made diet plan, The Scandi Sense Diet  she managed to lose more than six stone in 10 months and keep it off.

Her method has been a huge hit in Denmark where one in 50 people have adopted it and her book, which has just been released in the UK, is set to be translated into eight languages this year.

Before her weight loss, Suzy was constantly tired, suffered with heart palpitations and allergies and had a fungal infection under her overhanging stomach.

But she spent her second pregnancy researching nutrition and realised that a simple balance of protein, vegetables and fat is what you need to live healthily and lose weight.

After qualifying as a dietitian, she set about writing down everything she’d learned – devising a simple plan based around handfuls of food.

‘You will use the palms of your hands to measure the amount of food you should eat at each meal,’ she explained.

‘You can eat up to four handfuls of food for each meal, and if they are properly balanced you will easily feel full

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